Jumat, 15 April 2016

Shift to Smart Ceiling Fans to Enjoy Numerous Benefits

In this era of technology, many advanced gadgets have been released that completely shock the world, especially with the release of smart phones as they have been of great help for different purposes. If we talk about ceiling fans, then it has come a long way from cooling effects to lighting effects. Have you ever heard about the smart ceiling fan? No, then read this article carefully as we have come up with the best ceiling fan that can be controlled directly through a smart phone.

best ceiling fan

A smart ceiling fan is free of dangling chains that were used for controlling the fan speed. These modern fans are directly controlled through a remote or through a smart phone application that allows you to switch on/off the fan, control the speed turn on/off the lights and control other superb fan features.

Controlling the fan through a remote or smart phone application might not be a big deal, but the features which surprised the whole world are inbuilt sensors. Ceiling fan come with inbuilt sensors that are automatically turned on whenever a person enters the room and turned off when everyone leaves the room. With the release of this feature, you can definitely enjoy more benefits. So, let’s have a look at some of the major benefits of using this best ceiling fan.

Saves a lot of money

People generally forget to switch off the lights and fan when they leave the house. But now, with the coming up of smart fans you do not need to check the lights and fan before leaving the house as once you leave the room, the fan with inbuilt lighting system will be turned off automatically.

Moreover, ceiling fans which do not come with inbuilt sensors can be switched on/off directly through a smart phone application which means even if you have forgotten these appliances on before leaving the house, and then also you can turn it off from the application from any location.

Maintains a perfect temperature

Smart ceiling fans are the best as they always maintain a perfect room temperature. You can either select manual or automatic mode to set the room temperature. If you select an automatic mode, then the fan will automatically adjust its fan speed which will control the room temperature. So, buy this best ceiling fan for better maintaining an appropriate room temperature, which will prevent you from cold.

More than a ceiling fan

Smart ceiling fan has unlocked some incredible features that allow you to make the most out of it. This ceiling fan comes with wireless connectivity that allows you to connect devices such as Mp3 players, iPods, smart phones and other devices to enjoy the music. Moreover, you can also use the gradual awake feature to wake you up from sleep. Enabling this feature will slowly light up the fan to wake you from the sleep.

These are some of the major benefits of a smart ceiling fan which has been highly appreciated by the people from all over the world. Every appliance has some advantages and disadvantages. So, does this smart fan have some flaws too? The only disadvantage of this fan is its price.

You really need to spend a lot of money if you want to use the services of this modern appliance. However, I don’t think so price factor is a major disadvantage as a fan is a one-time investment and people generally forget to switch off the electricity before leaving the house which increases the electricity bill. So, you can easily cover up the extra money in a few months you have spent on this appliance as it saves a lot of electricity.